Annual Conference on Labour – Book of Abstracts online

The Second IOS Annual Conference on “Labour in East and Southeast Europe: Institutions and Practices Between Formality and Informality” will be held from June, 26-28.


Work is one of the most essential aspects of life – both from the viewpoint of individuals and the society as a whole. It is a social practice where life-courses intersect with power hierarchies, ideologies, institutional regulations, and economic forces. The impact of formal and informal institutions on the functioning of labour markets is well documented and varies considerably across time and space.

East and Southeast Europe is characterized by frequent political and economic transformations that resulted, among other things, in the fragility of institutions and a high degree of informality. These phenomena are also relevant for the build-up of trust and social capital that in turn are among the key factors for the understanding of labour relations and labour market outcomes. Hence, labour is a central realm in which the shifting boundaries between the formal and the informal, between the official and unofficial take effect.

Now the Book of Abstracts is online, collecting contributions on the following topics:

  • Informal employment
  • Education & Discrimination
  • Migration & Informal Networks
  • Discourses & Representations
  • Labor market outcomes
  • Inequalities & Non-Work
  • Social Capital & Trust/Distrust.

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