Aktuelles Krieg gegen die Ukraine

Closer to Russian Annexation?

by Elia Bescotti

During the campaign for the presidential election in South Ossetia, a Russian-backed breakaway region in Georgia, incumbent president Anatolii Bibilov said that he would take legal steps to join the Russian Federation. Why now?

Corona in Ost- und Südosteuropa

Immune by Radical Faith

Von Liana Kupreishvili

In Georgia, some people feel like they have to choose between saving their health or their souls.


Will recent EU Association Agreements encourage institutional change?

Richard Frensch (Regensburg)

Recent EU Association Agreements, concluded with Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia, are steps towards deeper liberalization to foster trade and encourage welfare gains from more trade. Of course, there is also much implicit hope that more trade will pave the way for better institutional arrangements to secure gains from trade, i.e., to positively impact the quality of those countries’ domestic, especially legal,  institutions, as usually summarized by the Rule of Law.

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